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Reading is the most critical component of the 21st Century school.  In our information overload, the skill will be how to filter the good and useful information in the quickest possible manner.  We teach speed reading which will increase the comprehension rate many times as much as 300%.  We also teach how to read a book which includes the skill of skimming and scanning.  Quickly finding and filtering information gives our students a head start in college and in life.

Speed Reading Tip – this is a sample from the speed reading system included in you subscription to HeartBridge Learning Systems. With your paid subscription you will receive the complete Speed Reading course described by Mr. Hunter. View the video here


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  1. [...] to scoop up the important information should be required learning at our educational institutions. Speed reading should be taught so that the reader can make the most of his or her time. Expert note taking is [...]

  2. Mike Foshee - Student Life Coach says:

    I thought the quote was “can’t walk and chew gum at the same time”, I am that guy! Explain this to me, the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time is greatly desired, yet “sub-vocalization while chewing gum is not? What!! lol

    Kidding aside. The implementation of speed reading in the Hot Springs Christian School classroom has made a huge difference. Not only in test taking skills, aka ACT test scores, but also in overall reading comprehension.

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