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Comparing this New System of Education

[notice]Side-by-Side Comparision of our ” New System of Education” with the “Old” system[/notice]

Industrialized Educational System HeartBridge Learning System
System is based on the old, industrialized
method of moving kids through a pre-
determined system – assembly line
Our students progress with their lessons at
their pace, on their own timing, and in their
own place.
The quality of the school and classroom
is often based on the location, teacher
competence, and the school district’s
We deliver high quality, student-centered
schooling to our students, no matter where
they live.
Students learn at a pre-determined
. The schedule is the same for
Students learn at their God-given
They may accelerate or slow own to
meet their needs.
The system is still using 20th century
principles and methods
Our system can update and innovate quicklyto take advantage of the latest educational
and technological advances.
Students have to travel to school to get
their education.
HeartBridge education happens anywhere there’s access to the internet.
Based on old accreditation standards that
now serve the educators better than those
being educated.
Colleges only care about a student’s ACT
score and grade point average; coming from
an “accredited” school is no longer an
The educational approach has not changed significantly in 50 years.
HeartBridge teaches to the digital generation in order to prepare them for their future.
Learning styles are mostly ignored.
Our curriculum is designed to meet all the
different kinds of learning styles
School is a business and education becomes
The individual student is our focus. School
comes to the student.

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