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More than Academics – HeartBridge Devotions

One of the key qualities observed in all “Superachievers”, is a keen understanding of both who they are and what their relationship with their creator was intended to be. Only through time and repeated conversations with God, accompanied with intentional times of reflection and study, will students obtain this knowledge. While it is true that at this stage in life most students the primary focus of school is Academics(three R’s), we at HeartBridge understand that the habits students form now, more than the content they study, will have significantly  more impact on who they become in the future. For this reason we provide daily HeartBridge devotions to the students. While the content of these devotions may vary, the primary goal remains the same and is threefold in nature.

  1. Regardless of the content, each devotion is just that, a devotion. And what is that? It’s easier to say what it’s not, It’s not an opportunity to advance a particular spiritual agenda. Nor is it a chance to address some perceived spiritual deficiency. It’s not a chance to place a list of “Thou Shall not’s” in front of the students. If you’re truly interested in what a “real devotion” is to me, you can read more here. In a nutshell, real devotions elicit a deep relationship with a living God whose only desire is to relate to each of us both individually and personally.
  2. Secondly, our devotions offer students the opportunity to develop some valuable life skills, not the least of which is the ability analyze an idea, formulate an opinion, then, in an organized and compelling manner, communicate effectively and creatively those opinions.
  3. Lastly, it is our hope that through repetition, a lifelong habit will be developed, one the student will carry not only away to college, but  the rest of their lives.

While we can grade the students on their ability formulate ideas and express their opinions, the true success or failure of this devotion process cannot be graded, it can only be observed in the “fleshed out” day to day lives of the students. The students access the devotion by way of a blog. You may view it here. However, if you wish to participate, you must login.

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